Lead Programmer of “Project 0″

Full Name: Kai Dölger
Birthday: 01.09.1992
Nationality: German
Profession: Officer Cadet of the GAF

Awesome Fahrenheit92

Hey, my name is Kai and it was my stupid idea to start such a project. I had the idea of creating my own video game several times but always couldn’t find the time or effort to really start such a project. Now after my last final exam at the German Air Force Academy I finally will have the time. (I hope I will have the time since in August my Pilot Training is going to start.)

I am the person who is responsible for everything related to computers. Julien is my creative counter-part since it will be his job to design our game and find new and crazy ideas which will be brought to source code by me.

One of my major subjects in school was computer science so I have quite a good knowledge of computer programs and so it clearly is my task to bring our ideas to life ;-)

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