The try to make a header starting with “The”

Yesterday we created a google calender to sync all our plans, we started the “Project 0″ google Drive Folder which we will use to save all our progress and to store all our ideas etc.

Also Kai decided that we need a server and we searched our old stuff for suitable pieces.

And I still think the text-based shooter game could be awesome maybe!

The Idea

Again we played Minecraft for several hours and talked nonsense via Skype. But this time we had one idea we surprisingly marked as a good one. We remembered about Julien’s crazy idea to create a text-based shooter game, which would be quite useless :-P , but we went on with the idea of developing our own video game. And we even had a great example what it could look like as we where playing a video game right at that historic moment. We had absolutely no idea who the game would look like or what it is about but we knew that we wanted 8-bit/Minecraft-style graphics. So we met and I brought some books and we started to read before I left for work.